Different Types of Dermatologists


A physician skilled to diagnose and treat skin, hair, scalp and nails conditions, disorders and diseases, is known as a dermatologist. Within the field of dermatology, there are different branches that result in the different types of dermatologists. The experts in each branch have specialized in different areas of dermatology.  The different types of dermatologists require special certification or license to practice. Below are details of the various categories of dermatologists.


Pediatric dermatologists specifically deal with skin, scalp, hair and nail conditions that affect children.  They are in charge of the dermatology issues that are inborn and those that develop during childhood and adolescence. Such conditions include dermatitis, acne, warts and hives that come from the various allergies that the young one may have or birthmarks that are congenital. They are experts in skin ailments in children. They prescribe the ideal medication and ointments that do not affect children.


A dermatopathologist is specially trained in skin pathology. He discovers the origin of different skin conditions from the skin and tissue samples of the patient. The ultherapy boca raton dermatopathologist uses the microscope to review the skin and perform tests to find the source of the skin issue.  The dermatopathologist works hand in hand with the other dermatologist because his main function is to research on causes of skin disorders. He can establish if the skin condition is cancerous from his research. Rarely does he works directly with the patient but is qualified in the field of dermatology. 


Cosmetic dermatologists, unlike dermatopathologist, work directly with patients. They work strictly with the aesthetic part of the skin. They free the skin from wrinkles and blemishes. They can tighten the skin with injections, treat severe skin conditions and perform laser hair removal among other procedures. To reduce the visibility of scars, the cosmetic dermatologist can carry out surgical procedures. They do not deal with medical skin issues such as rashes or skin cancer ailments. Areas of specialization in cosmetic surgery include skin rejuvenation and hair removal.


Immunodermatologists are another type of dermatologist in boca raton who study the interaction of the skin and the immune system. They deal with skin disorders such as contact dermatitis and eczema that are linked to the immune system. Immunodermatologists perform most of their work in the laboratory. The experiments they do intend to show how the immune system and the skin react to different substances.


Lastly, procedural dermatologists surgically treat dermatological disorders and diseases. Broad categories of dermatologists are the cosmetic dermatologists, medical dermatologists, and surgical dermatologists. Immunodermatologists, dermatopathologists, pediatric dermatologist are under the medical dermatologists category.